Friday, 17 February 2017

Middlewich, Big Lock, Friday 17 Feb 2017

We woke to a sunny morning and set off at 10am, heading south, we had to go about 3 miles before we could turn round to come back to Middlewich. On of the things I like about boating this time of the year, apart from a lot less boats about is that you can see through the woods, these flashes by the river Weaver are almost invisible in the summer months


The farmers along here take a bit of pride in the way they cut their hedges, unlike in some parts where they just try to flail them out of existence.clip_image004

Although the weather was even warmer today were getting several showers of very light drizzle up until lunchtime. It felt very spring like and the daffodils are about to burst into bloom.clip_image006 We also didn't see any boats on the move until we retuned to Wardle lock and then they were everywhere. We had just set the lock to go down when one came through the bridge behind us.

Yesterday I mentioned how short the Wardle Canal is, well here is a photograph of the full length of it and the first boat we were to meet is just coming in at the junction.clip_image008

On the face of the bridge, facingthe junction there is a plaque that claims this to be the shortest canal in the UK.clip_image010Once we were clear of the junction we were going down to Big Lock and at the first bridge we met a boat coming up so had to run back out of his way, There are boats moored both sides beside Middlewich Narrowboats and I met another boat here, I held back for her but she stopped at Middlewich Boatyard to take on diesel. Once passed her there was yet another coming out of Middlewich Top Lock so I pulled over to give him passage before we could set off down the three locks. Below the locks is Anderton Boats, they have boats double moored on the off side and one they are working on tow path side, needless to say we met yet another boat here.

Today's Journey map 157.9 miles, 5 locks, 3 canals in 4 hours.

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