Friday, 10 February 2017

Norton Friday 10 February 2017

The day started quite bright and felt quite pleasant in the sun, however it felt much different when a cloud went over. We carried on south to Preston Brook Waters Meeting where we turned very sharp right towards Runcorn, As we approached the new express way bridge this chap came peddling towards us on his 3 wheeler recumbent. DSCF6931

Last time we were this way the new expressway bridge had no deck on it, now that's all in place and from below it just looks like any other bridge. DSCF6934

The expressway carries on at high level to cross the Manchester Ship Canal and the Mersey , the towers are now in place and the decks are creeping out. DSCF6937

The bridges are going to be toll bridges so I wonder if it will see more use than the M6 toll road.

We moored at the end of the arm in Runcorn to do a bit of shopping, surprisingly looking around the area which looks a bit rundown it actually has some good shopping including Iceland and the Co-op as well as several independent retailers. The Co-op has been in Runcorn for a very long time.DSCF6940DSCF6941

We stayed until we had had a bit of lunch and then set off in light snow again, but like yesterday.


We stopped at Green Bridge and wandered up to Norton Abbey which is about a quarter of a mile away. The gardens are closed this time of the year but they marked or receipt so that we can visit later. The museum and story of the Abbey is very interesting IMG_0265with lots of the ruins uncovered as well as the Undercroft and its Victorian entrance hall. One of their prized exhibits is a twice life size statue of St Christopher which is the centre of a sound and visual display which while telling the story also paints the statue. IMG_0272

A little after 4pm and we wandered back to the boat to travel a short way back towards the junction. Since we first visited this canal there has been a massive increase in housing, including a large bungalow estate on the West of the canal, one of the buildings that backs onto the canal has had a large mural painted on the wall.DSCF6942

Today's Journeymap 089.4 miles in 3 hours

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