Thursday, 22 June 2017

Bosley Locks Thursday 22 June 2017

Well last night we had our BBQ, just after lighting it it started to rain but only lasted a few minutes so we were good to cook. DSCF8201

Again the night was very hot and we went to bed with the slid and the offside door open, I got up during the night and it was bright stare light. These are good moorings and we were not disturbed by the trains or traffic passing under the aqueduct.

This morning was like a different month, 17°C outside and it didn't climb much higher. As we set off at 1000hrs it started to lightly drizzle and by the time we reached Congleton it was real rain. We passed the boat who gave us their mooring last night moored by the swing bridge, I guess it must be their permanent mooring which would account for the fenders.DSCF7691

Just as we were entering Hall Green Lock our friends on nb. Kelpie pulled in at the water point coming from the opposite direction, so we pulled in in front of them and had coffee while we filled both water tanks. The timing was spot on as just as I turned the tap off a boater turned up and said "Is this the queue for the water point" and was able to pull in as we both left. The weather didn't improve and as we approached Congleton it started really chucking it down, luckily the first visitor mooring was free and we pulled in for lunch. Around 1400hrs the rain had stopped and we walked into town, first stop was the Town Hall which houses a good tourist information office, from here it was round to the Town's Museum, which for the limited space they have is very good, its free to enter but they have several begging notices as it costs £1000 a week to keep open. This was followed by a short walk round town and then back to the boat, although this was a pleasant mooring we prefer something moor rural so set of in a cool breeze. I am glad we did as just as we left another boat came along to use the space.

This canal is quite famous for its turnover or Snake bridges that allowed the towpath to change sides and the horses towing the boats to cross the canal without disconnecting the towing lines, quite a cleaver idea really. DSCF8205

As the early evening progressed the weather improved giving very good views of The Cloud, unlike Mow Cop which we didn't see this time.DSCF8209 We were going to moor where this photograph was taken from but it was a bit on the shallow side so we decided to carry on to the 2 Day moorings just before Bosley Locks where we fitted into the last slot on the straight section.

Today's JourneyMap 04 9½Miles, 1 Lock, 2 Canals in 4½ hrs


Unknown said...

We met the couple on nb Rosie at Cambrian Wharf back in May 2011 ( they were 'well-stricken in years' then.

He told me that he built the boat himself. It was powered by a Ruston & Hornsby engine and the narrow windows were surplus excavator windows as he used to work for the company.

Sadly I don't remember their names but they took us to church with them on the Sunday.

Apparently after naming the boat Rosie they were mystified when people started asking them where Jim was, having never heard of the TV programme! :-)

All the best

Chris & Joy (nb Wrens-Nest)

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

This could well be them as they have Boaters Christian fellowship stickers in the window and the engine sounded good.

Ann Street said...

Good to see you both this morning. Enjoy your trip wherever you go!
We didn't have any rain after we met you