Sunday, 4 June 2017

Ravensmoor Sunday 4 June 2017

Last night as a special treat as it was my birthday we went to the Horse and Jockey for dinner. As well as a normal menu they also offer a Tapas one which we went for. We chose 6 separate items making up two times the three item deal plus Mediterranean roast veg and an extra Focaccia which made a nice selection, I can't comment on the sweets as we didn't have room, however with 8 beers on the pumps at £3 a pint we did wash it down OK.DSCF8120

This morning we woke to sunshine again setting off at 0950Hrs. to start with the canals were quite quiet but then we started meeting a lot of boats. We thought this would put us in good stead for the locks, but no, we got behind a slow boat and although every lock they came to was ready for them we were behind them before they left the lock.

When they pulled over at Wrenbury we thought things would look up and we carried on with nothing in front. At Church lift bridge a single hander waited ages for us to come through before lowering the bridge so at Baddiley I let him take the lock, thinking it would give him a chance meeting boats and help him on his way, wrong, he caught up with an even slower boat and was still in the middle lock when we caught up to him and at the bottom one he waved us past as it started to rain. That rain rapidly turned into a full torrent so we decided to call it a day at Ravensmoor and moor quite close to where we did coming up.

Today's Journeymap 16 8¾ Miles, 7 Locks in 4½ Hrs.

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