Monday, 19 June 2017

Monday 19 June 2017 Croxton Flash

Good run to the boat today with the outside temperature indicating 31°C. We didn't stop for lunch and as soon as we had unpacked the car I set to refitting the exhaust system,DSCF8174 unfortunately it was about 10mm to long. Luckily the end that bolts to the exhaust manifold is screwed into a long socket,(bottom of photo) so it was a mater of unscrewing it a and cutting 10 mm from the end of the socket before reassembly. Everything was given a good dose of Copperslip and put back in place. Once that was done and leak tested ( O that sounds such a simple job) we drove to Anderton to the CRT toilet facilities to have a shower and then change. On our return we called in at Northwich Tesco to stock up for the trip. Back to the boat to unload shopping then to The Old Broken Cross for dinner by car.

It was a little after 8PM when we got back to the boat and by 8-30 PM we were on our way out of the marina, turning right towards Middlewich. By the time we had passed the end of the marina smoke was billowing from the engine room door as the Copperslip cooked.
Needless to say we didn't see any boats on the move but lots moored up. We had planned to moor behind the sunken Narrowboat but the smell from slurry spreading was very strong so we gave that a miss and pushed on. Looking back the sky was a nice shade of red. DSCF8176All the moorings we fancied after this were taken, one by a fellow CUTWEB member, so we pushed on. I had noticed a nice straight piece of bank right opposite Croxton Flash in the past where I have seen boats moored, we were pleased to find it empty so at about quarter to ten we put the pins in and called it a night. There are lots of geese and goslings on the bank of the flash so I hope it doesn't turn to noisy overnight.DSCF8178

Today's JourneyMap 01 3¾ Miles in 1hr 20Min.

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Nb Olivia said...

Think it was me with the cutweb sticker as I was moored opposite Bramble Cuttings. Sheila