Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Wheelock Tuesday 20 June 2017

Last night was quite warm but I didn't need much rocking once a bed, we had all the roof hatches wide open as well as the engine room doors, I think I only heard one plane go over before I was asleep and the neighbours kept the noise down as well which helped a lot.DSCF8179

This morning we pushed off at 0930hrs . and arrived at Big Lock with no other boats waiting so turned the lock, as we went in a boat came down from above and gave a hand, she was single handing and had never done a wide lock before so was waiting for the boat behind to catch up. At the Middlewich three locks there was just the wool boat ahead of us waiting to go up and once another boat came down we were on our way. There were a couple of boats milling around at the junction with the Wardle canal waiting to go up the Middlewich Branch and one came out of the junction to go up the Cheshire Locks the same as us, luckily for them the lock was empty and the gates open. So we ended up following them for the next 4 locks until they pulled over for lunch just below Booth Lane Top lock, this is also where we met the first boat coming down so the lock was ready for us with the gates open. The only problem was that the last couple of pounds had been a bit low and about 20 feet from the lock entrance I went well aground. giving it a bit of well to pull off backwards I got free but also got a well fouled prop. A few good blasts back and forth moved some of it and i attempted the lock with a bit more speed and bounced into the chamber. By now the chap we had been following came out with windlass to help flush us in if needed. We carried on to below Moston to moor up for lunch, clear the prop and let the mid day heat pass.

At about 1630 hrs we set off again stopping in Wheelock to fill with water. Just before we arrived at the visitor moorings and services I was rather taken by this unusual planter in a garden on the off side.DSCF8187

As we approached the water point the ex working boat Dove, took up the last mooring spot on the bend, there was already a boat moored at the first water point.

Once the tank was full we headed off again, up the first two of the Cheshire Locks to moor just before Sawpit Lock where we moored for the night and got the BBQ out.

Today's Journey Map 02 A little over 8 miles, 11 lock in 6 hours.

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