Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hindford Thursday 1 June 2017

For some reason we were away at 9AM this morning and it was much quieter than yesterday, we only met 2 boats between our mooring and the water point at Froncysyllte, the first just before we arrived at the narrows and the second was woman powered.DSCF8091

When we came up yesterday a family were tending the garden around this memorial bench, looking at it today it was the anniversary of the death of the person concerned.DSCF8092

I said the other day that the Cafe Boat at Trevor was in the dry dock, that was wrong, its in the basin beside the dock.DSCF8096

CRT have erected warning notices at each end of the aqueduct, I think this is since a lad fell through the railings to his death a few years backDSCF8098

A clear run over the aqueduct and we pulled over for water. We had planned to stop and visit Chirk Castle but all the moorings were full and ahead of us 2 day boats were about to enter Chirk Tunnel, so we tagged on, same for Chirk Aqueduct. I must say its easier/faster going this way. As we crossed the aqueduct a train came by on the viaduct, not a steam train but you can't have everything. DSCF8101

We carried on to the top of New Martin Locks where there was bit of a queue, about 8 boats ahead and the locking pace was not electrifying to say the least. Needless to say there was still a queue of 4 at the bottom lock when we arrived, why is it boats wait for ever and a day before thinking about untying to come into a lock and then only ever consider tick over to leave. We waited well over an hour and a half at the first lock and quite some time at the second. We decided to call it a day at The Jack Mytton pub and go there for dinner tonight.

Today's Journey map 1312 miles, 2 locks in 6½ hours.

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