Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Church Minshull Wednesday 7 June 2017

The wind moderated a bit over night and we woke to bright sunshine. Setting off at 1030Hrs we carried on towards Chester to the winding hole not far above Bunbury locks. Just as we were approaching it a hire boat was coming slowly the other way and by the time he was clear of us my stern was in the winding hole so I backed in and the wind helped to take the bows round. I don't like doing it that way due to the silt and rubbish in the holes. We made our way back to Calveley stopping at the services to fill with water and then on to stock up with Cheese at Calveley Mill then back to Barbridge Junction turning left onto the Middlewich Branch once more. There was only one boat ahead of us at Cholmondeston Lock but a boat that had just come up was still on the lock moorings with a second following. Once through the lock I pulled over and filled with diesel at Venetian marina, we were still away before the boat behind us had exited the lock. By now not only the fleece but also the long sleeved shirt had gone, back to Tee shirt weather. At Minshull Lock a single handing gent insisted in working the lock so that Diana could get back on the boat in the lock which was more than decent of him. A quick hello to Peter as we passed Nannies Bridge and down to our mooring for the night by bridge 14 so that we can walk to The Badger at Church Minshull.

Since we have been here I have done an oil and filter change as well as topping up the leisure batteries. I now do these every 250 hrs when I do an oil and filter change, a few years ago I was not so well organised and the levels got rather low, its surprising that I didn't ruin them and that they recovered as well as they have. I also discovered that the exhaust silencer is blowing, so that is another job to sort out

Today's Journey map 197.6 miles, 2 Locks,1 Junction and 2 canals in 3½ hours.

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