Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Calveley Tuesday 6 June 2017

Well what a 24 hrs we have had, I think it rained for the first 22. We woke this morning to the rain, just like I did several times over night, so we did nothing. The rain gauge indicated that we had 23mm of rain in the 24 hrs. but I do doubt that as it seams a bit high.
Just before lunch time it stopped so we headed into Nantwich, got a bit damp on the way, but not wet. The first job was lunch so we looked at a few menus and went into Firenze an Italian Restaurant in Welsh Row. This road is full of eating places but well out of the town centre, so during the day its very quiet, but the evening is different. Luckily for us they do a Tuesday Special which is a main course and a glass of wine for £10.

We left there to visit the museum which is why we stopped here and then the church. By the time we left the church it was raining again, not hard but wet as we headed back to the boat. We had just got onboard when it started properly again, but only briefly. The batteries need charging so we set off at 1520 Hrs heading towards Hack Green to wind just below the lock. Surprisingly it was dry, but I couldn't keep my hat on due to the wind which was gusting at 34MPH. I expected the wind would help me turn, but no chance. There are large trees all round the winding hole in the windward side so that went a bit pear shaped as I allowed for the wind, which wasn't there as I swung in. We then retraced our steps through Nantwich, by now there were several vacant moorings on the embankment unlike yesterday. The water between Nantwich and Barbridge is wide and deep, its one of the few places I can actually travel at 4MPH apart from where boats are moored. As we approached Barbridge, one of the options for mooring tonight we could see boats mooring well before the visiter moorings so expected it to be full, but there were actually quite a few spaces. If we had moored here I would still have needed to run the engine for a bit so we carried on. Another option was the Middlewich Branch above Cholmondeston Lock, but I didn't fancy creeping down between two rows of moored boats for a quarter of a mile in this wind, so it was straight on to Calveley, there are mooring rings just passed Calveley turnover bridge and then we could buy cheese on the way back tomorrow. All the moorings were taken, there was a hire boat taking up the space of two and I would normally ask him to move, but it was blowing such a hoolie I didn't want to try an hover while I had a word so we did a few more hundred yards and then stopped mooring with pins for the night. The bank is quite soggy so I have two pins on the bow rope and one on the stern.

Today's Journey map 1810½ Miles in 3½ hours

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