Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Kinver Tuesday 29 August 2017

Well we didn't hear anything from the Greyhound sanctuary overnight which is on the off side, but you should have heard it this morning when I guess they were feeding at about 8 am.

It was an overcast morning and we set off at quarter to ten, looking to the east in the distance you can see a well disguised radio mast. DSCF8862

With the help of the lock keeper we were clear of the Bratch Locks by five past ten, not so quick as in the working days, but not bad. Lots of people call this a staircase but its not, it is three individual locks that are very close together.DSCF8863

We had a good run with the locks all day, we had to fill some that had leaked away but the Bumble Hole was the only one we turned.DSCF8865

At Botterham Staircase the over cast weather turned to rain and it was a coat on job. The cottage and buildings below the staircase is starting to look quite run down, it would be a shame if these canal side buildings were lost. DSCF8868

The rain stayed with us until we stopped at Greensforge Lock to fill with water, then things brightened up a bit, but not a patch on yesterday. Below the lock we passed this vessel which I would describe as a narrow beam barge perhaps.

DSCF8870  DSCF8869 

I can't remember how big the cave was at Rocky Lock by the top gates but now it is completely closed off.DSCF8871

The gardens beside Ashwood Garden centre just below Ashwood marina are a real picture, I don't think they are open to members of the public so us canal users have a special treat.

The Devil's Den is only just visible now if you know where to look, I remember all the uproar when BW fitted the door to it to keep people out and just let the bats in, it doesn't look touched since. DSCF8874

Passed Stourton Junction, it was yesterdays plan to go left here to Birmingham, but that changed last night and down through Stewponey followed by Dunsley tunnel, all 25 yards of it, I know of bridges that take longer to pass through than that, but it has all the tunnel notices. I think it said the average transit time was one minute. Our target for the day was below Kinver Locks and this was the first lot of visitor moorings where we have seen any number of boats, all the others have ether been empty or just a couple of boats at the most.

Today's Journey map 14

8¾ miles, 14 locks in 5½hours

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