Thursday, 24 August 2017

Wedgwood T&M Thursday 24 August 2017

Early start this morning, 9AM as we wanted to visit Trentham Gardens. This was the view from the porthole before we set off. Well someone had a good breakfast. DSCF8796

We turned onto the Trent and Mersey just as a boat was coming up Stoke Top Lock so we waited for him to leave and headed down, unfortunately for us they had met another boat just below the lock so the next was against us, after that we met loads of boats.

One thing I noticed is that the anti vandal locks have been removed from the top paddle gear.

As we made our way down to Trentham the weather was looking mixed but both the forecast and my weather station said fine. No chance of an Oatcake for breakfast as The Oatcake Boat was closed but I did give them a toot as we passed. The moorings at the rifle range have had a bit of work done on them since we last came this way, just south of bridge one of the residents leant out of his side hatch and thanked me for passing slowly, said its like the M6 and going by the amount of traffic we met he wasn't far wrong.

At about 11AM we moored just south of Hem Heath Bridge 106 on the rings and walked to Trentham Gardens for the day.

We returned to the boat mid afternoon and set off again. CRT are relaying the brick paving at Trentham Lock and have build scaffolding with a small gate in it around the lock beam, they have also scaffolded over the steps running down on the offside of the lockDSCF8806. Because they have left the job and not completed the brick paving, some of what they have lade has already been disturbed and will requite reworking.DSCF8804

We continued in the now quite warm sunshine to moor for the night just above Old Road bridge 104.

Today's Journey map 09

5¼ Miles, 6 locks in 2¾ hrs

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