Sunday, 18 August 2013

Denver Sluice Sunday 18 Aug 2013

It wasn’t quite so windy this morning with a clear sky, yesterday the wind hit 32 MPH.

We were awake quite early with a reversing alarm going off. I thought it was something in the marina but it turned out to be the farm on the hill, because of this we were away by 9 AM. I was just able to wind on the moorings by holding the bum of the boat in the slight kink.
By the time we passed through Ely the swimmers had finished and they were running along the waterfront.DSCF3143 

The chap with the Pedalboats was hard at work unloading his van,I don’t think he could get it much closer to the water.DSCF3144

Just before Adelaide bridge we met a group of rowers heading back towards their base.DSCF3146  Their coach was coming up the rear in a plastic dingy with a large outboard, not the most streamline craft for travelling at rowing speed.DSCF3148 Once at the River Lark it was hard right and down to Prickwillow to visit the Pump Museum. The first lot of moorings were full, but we just fitted on the end of the ones through the bridge. Not only were the engines running but they had stationary engines and tractors in the carpark. Inside there was also a collection of Meccano models on display.DSCF3150

After lunch we winded yet again and headed downstream back to the Gt. Ouse it was right again towards Denver for the night.

We had just passing under Prickwillow rail bridge when the train of old slam door carriages that I had seen in Ely the day before  crossed the river heading back to Ely. I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo of the diesel pulling them but I did manage a shot of the diesel on the back end. The carriages all looked to be empty.DSCF3151DSCF3152

Over the passed couple of days we have seen lots of people walking along the river bank, following fluorescent orange arrows. Some of them came passed us when we moored at Denver. The are walking to Walsingham from St Albans.

We have moored at Denver Sluice so that we can have dinner at the Jenyns Arms.

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