Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Home Moorings Monday 19 Aug 2013

Not long after we moored up a few boats locked up from Salters Lode and one of them lay alongside us for the night. It turned out they were a shared ownership boat out for 3 weeks and planning a remote changeover in Bedford. We told them that we were planning to be off about 9 ish where as they were staying for lunch.

After a good meal at Jenyns last night we were soon looking for our beds. This time they had Adnems and Doombar on.
We where awake just after 6 am by a boat near us running their engine for about 10 minutes, they did this last time we moored near them here as well.

By 9 30 we had finished breakfast and were ready for the off. Sliding out from inside the other was simple as the boat ahead had left at 7 30 heading for Peterborough, so we just attached his forward line to the bollard and as I slid out passed his stern I just passed his centre line ashore, by the time we had gone about he was sitting comfortably against the bank.

The run back to our moorings was uneventful, the wind did freshen slightly but was mush less than the weekend and the clouds did start to gather but no sign of much needed rain.

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