Sunday, 25 August 2013

Old West River Sunday 25 Aug 2013

Following breakfast we spent an hour wandering around the Denver Complex before Diana and Gwen took their car to our moorings and Chris and I set sail to meet them. We had a good run down to Brandon Creek where we picked up the ladies and headed on to the River Lark.

Today was the busiest day I have ever experienced on the Gt Ouse and we met several Narrowboats and cruisers as we travelled along the river.

We turned up the the Lark and were very please to ne able to moor at Prickwillow. By now the weather was so nice that we were able to eat dinner outside on the bank.
After lunch we visited the Pump Museum, I wish now I had taken a membership out as it would have saved me money. Once we had had our fill of the museum we were off again, winding just through the road bridge and heading down stream to the Gt Ouse. Here we turned left and went on through Ely, had we wanted to stop we could have moored right outside the Cutter, but we didn’t think that would be the most peaceful mooring in the area. We continued on to Popes Corner passing vacant moorings at Little Thetford, turning up the old West, hoping to moor at Golds Mere of Hundred Acre. The first was full, the second had a selection of well spaced boat, that if they had moored more considerately would have left loads of room for us. In the end we went about another hundred yards and moored in the nettles and cow poo. Next time I will not be so quick to offer to move to squeeze someone in. Another thing I noticed for the first time was cruisers coming by without slowing, but then dropping their speed when they reached the moored cruisers. Maybe its a bank Holiday thing, I hope so and that soon everything will be back to normal.

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