Friday, 16 August 2013

Home Mooring Fri 16 Aug 2013

Last night we ate at “The Cutter”. The meal was very good but I do wish they would tell you when a meal doesn’t come with vegetables. i had duck breast,New Potatoes, Plumb sauce and stewed plumbs. a few vegetables would have added to it. However I would recommend the waffles with black cherries and ice cream as a dessert.

The moorings were very peaceful overnight considering their location with the town to one side and the railway just across the river, once in bed, apart from the sticky heat of the night we were not disturbed at all.

This morning we woke it steady rain and as we were in no hurry decided to sit it out.

We had a knock on the side door just before lunch this morning, it was the crew of Willow who were visiting Ely by car and took the trouble to look us us.Very nice to meet you and will look out for you in September.

Around midday it finally stopped so we headed off through the town to moor by Tesco for a bit of food shopping, by the time we arrived I can only describe it as a very heavy mist falling from the sky so we had a lunch break. Went to Tescos for a few items in the dry and when we came out it was if someone had switched the sprinkler system in the sky on. It finally stopped and we walked back to the boat arriving just as it started again, this time for five minutes and then warm sunshine all the way back to the moorings.

Several boats have come and gone since we arrived yesterday afternoon, but there were still no vacancies, one goes one comes so it always looks full.

I took a quick shot of Adelaide Bridge as we passed under it looking spick and span.DSCF3126 DSCF3128

Heading back along the ten Mile bank about halfway between Littleport and Brandon Creek I saw what I would call a large turtle or terrapin, it was about 100mm across its back and an olive green/grey colour, I didn’t see the head. I have seen lots of these on the Grand Union and the Thames but this is the first I have seen in this area.

At 5 30 PM we pulled onto our mooring for the night and refilled the water tank. Checking the weather station I see we have had just on half an inch of rain since yesterday.

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