Wednesday, 14 August 2013

GOBA Moorings Little Ouse Wed 14 Aug 2013

Well a bit more happened today. Firstly back to yesterday or what I can remember of it, I spent most of it asleep but came to life around tea time for a bit. It was then that a couple and their son were looking for somewhere to moor for the night so I invited them to lay alongside. They were on a weeks holiday using a friends boat, they handled the boat well but weren't sure of the etiquette of breasting up etc.

This morning after an 11 hour night I was feeling mush better so after breakfast we took our new toy out to play. Its a two person inflatable canoe and we planned to paddle from above Brandon lock to Stanton Downham GOBA moorings about 2.5 miles. Unfortunately we didn’t even get half way there as there is a large tree down right across the river about a mile above the lock and a quarter of a mile above the EA head of navigation, so I don’t know if that will ever get removed.
The canoe performed much better than I had hoped for and if you don’t want to go to fast it paddles quite easily, its also very stable.DSCF3098

We returned to Harnser and set off down stream at 1230, just as another Narrowboat was arriving who were very pleased to take our placeDSCF3096

We travelled downstream for the pest part of two hours to the GOBA moorings but there were already two Narrowboats there, however as we approached one of the boats loaded up his gangplank and made ready to move off, this enabled us to slip in his place. We did take the canoe for another little try but we got bit of a wet bum, we are hoping this was due to drips from the paddles coming in and not a leak in the floor material, next time we will just float around for half an hour with no paddling. We still have a small leak in the starboard tube but its very slow, so that will be a bubble test when we get home. So far we are very happy with our toy.

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