Thursday, 15 August 2013

Ely Thursday 15 Aug 2013

Last night we had a couple of heavy showers, so it was a good job we packed the canoe away in its bag and took it inside, pity I didn’t do the same for the BBQ.

First job this morning was to clean the prop of the blanket weed etc that we had picked up over the last few days and then at 1030 we were off. Our destination was Littleport and have dinner at The Swan.

Just below the Old Stop Lock before reaching Xanadu day boat hire it looks as if the EA may have done a little dredging, unless they brought the material in by boat to build the bank up.


When we passed the end of the disused arm that I tried to navigate on our way upstream I took a couple of photos just to show the weed.DSCF3110 The Grebes were out in force with their young, it looks as if they had a successful second hatching as we didn't see much from the early nesting's and only a few larger juveniles around as the result. You can just see them having a ride on one of the parents back.DSCF3114 Kingfishers were also much in evidence on this river.

As we continued down river I spotted an unusual bird sitting on the electricity cables some way away. I thought it was a Cuckoo from the shape of it but it flew a bit like a hawk, but then cuckoos do, what did have me foxed was the colours, but it has been suggested its a young female.DSCF3120 There are more photos on my Facebook page.

When we reached the Gt Ouse we turned sharp left towards Littleport.  When we arrived there was nowhere left to moor so the decision was made to go to Ely for the night. So far we had only met 4 boats all day and we knew two of them.
Work is still ongoing on Adelaide Railway Bridge and now its the other side that is open to navigation so we had to travel on the wrong side of the river giving way to oncoming boats.
As we came under Ely railway bridge  the rather fine cruiser ahead of me almost stopped, I thought that maybe he had met a boat in the wrong arch, but it was just the Nautical Bicycles  that are now for hire in the town all over the river.
Here is a short video of them.

Nautical Bicycles

The moorings were quite full but there was a space just big enough for us where the trip boat “Liberty Belle” runs from. Because of the “No Mooring, Trip Boat” signs it looks as this stretch is also no mooring,  but there is actually a boundary line at the end of the reserved section and the trip boat still has tons of room.

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