Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tuesday 10 March 2015 Fradley Junction

Last night we drove over to Donisthorpe for a meeting of the Ashby Canal Association, the were hosting a slid show/talk by Glyn Phillips and Roger Fuller,owners of Aquarius and Ilford about taking a pair loaded with Measham coal along the Ashby to various places on the system ending up at Stone. It included a video of long lineing up the Audlem flight using a 400 foot long line through running blocks.


Today we have been to Cropredy Marina by car to help a fellow boater do a car shuffle, this is one of the problems of moving a boat from one home mooring to another, the car gets left behind. When we did it we did a one way car hire from Enterprise, but a one way trip is quite expensive. The biggest advantage to boat owners is that they will come and pick you up from the boat so no taxi into town.

We set sail after lunch leaving our berth at 1420 hrs in nice warm sunshine heading for The Swan at Fradley to meet up with Ann and Ian who were doing the car shuffle. We arrived at the moorings above Shadehouse Lock a few minutes after them at 1520 hrs.

In yesterdays blog I mentioned the Dormouse survey so I thought I would include a photo of one of the traps in use.DSCF8074

Today’s Journeymap 4 2¼ miles in 1 hour

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