Sunday, 19 March 2017

Dutton Sunday 19 March 2017

Well it wasn't actually raining wen we got up this morning. We decided in view of the weather and the problem with accessing the locks we would leave the river and return to the canals. We pushed of at quarter to ten and went down stream as far as Saltersford lock where we winded to return to the lift, on our way upstream I was fortunate enough to have another Kingfisher pose for me
The old Soda works has virtually gone now, there are still a few 
reminders like the bases of the main pillars and the small heaps of rubble and ash.

I walked up to the office at the lift and the earliest booking they could offer was at 12.50pm. We were the only private boat to go up but they were only running one caisson, so it gave us time for a bit of lunch before moving to the holding area. By the time we were do at the lift it was raining again, I did manage one photo of our guests on the lift.
Once at the top we spent a bit of time in the visitor centre, I think CRT and BW before them made a good job of laying this out. Once we had enough of that it was on along the T&M, we arrived at Saltersford Tunnel with about hald a hour to wait so time for a cupper. when it was 4 pm I went out to untie and found another boat had pulled in behind us. After the tunnel things turned really wet and windy but we carried on to the site of the Dutton Breach to moor for the night.

Today's Journey 
7.5 miles, one river, one canal, one boat lift in 3.5 hours

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