Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Middlewich Tuesday 14 March 2017

This morning before setting off I applied some red and white paint to the cabin side that I primed last
We were still away at 10 am but we were facing the wrong way, so it was forward a couple of hundred yards to Aqueduct marina where I tried to do a gently wind as three lads were fishing opposite to the entrance. They were there last night when I winded as well, nice lads who helped the boat that shot straight out so I didn't want to spoil their fishing. So I ended up with the bow just in the entrance to the marina and then walked the stern round from the bank, letting the wind take the bows round.
I posted yesterday about the SUMBA here are some of the fruit trees they have planted .

I heard a buzzing sound in the sky, looking up this is what I spotted.

We only me one boat on the Middlewich Branch today, much different to the weekend. As we dropped through Wardle Lock a boat went passed the junction heading for Big Lock so now the 3 Middlewich locks would be against us, it turned out worse than that. When we got to the first lock she was still aboard and he was holding the centre rope. Diana drew both the top paddles before she even had a windlass, as they finally went into the lock I tied to the lock moorings  and walked down to set the middle lock, as they only drew half a paddle I also set the bottom lock before walking back up to help Diana at the first lock, we turned the lock and took Harnser in, the boat ahead was still in the middle lock, no paddles drawn but they were both collecting fire wood. we waited until they finally locked down and left so Diana could draw the top paddle of the second lock before I dropped the top one. I took the boat to the second lock and then waited until they locked down the bottom one. The asked if we wanted to share Big Lock but we told them we were stopping before that.
I turned at the winding hole before Big Lock so we could moor right hand side to the bank, this was so I could get a second coat of red and white paint on, all I need now is a fine morning and I can do the dark and light blue.
Today's Journey  

7.5 miles, 5 locks, I junction, 3 canals and I have winded twice in 3.75 hours

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