Thursday, 30 March 2017

Nantwich Thursday 30 March 2017

Well I am still writing these Blogs straight to Blogger as Open Live Writer still wont upload posts with pictures in them.
A bit of rain this morning before we left, we didn't expect to meet any boats with the stoppage on but we met 6 before Aqueduct marina.
At the first winding hole you come to after leaving Middlewich there is this manorial on the towpath, but no indication who its for. Anyone have any ideas?
A boat pulled away ahead of us just before bridge 13, we were hoping he would pull into Aqueduct Marina but no such luck, however our progress didn't go unnoticed. 
As normal Diana hopped off the boat at Nannies Bridge to walk to Minshull Lock but on the way she had to avoid this stuff sticking out into the towpath. It looks as if CRT have put tape on the end but they should really be getting the land owner to remove it.
Bit of a delay at Minshull Lock, after waiting for the boat ahead to lock up, turn the lock and then go in, I managed to pick up a fender and line round the prop as I went in, so had to sit in the lock and unravel it. Please don't go through locks with your fenders down.
By the time we reached Cholmonderston Lock the boat ahead had gone and another was on its way down. A couple of guys were working on the telemetry sender down behind the bottom gate so a Lock Keeper was working that side which was just as well as there were still 4 boats queuing above waiting to come down. The good news for them was that work at Stanthorne lock was finished and the lock open again.
Above the lock the volunteered have made good progress with the hedge laying.
We were going to stop at Barbridge Inn for the night but there were no mooring spaces outside and it was still quite early so we decided to push on to Nantwich Aqueduct. We had just passed Hurleston  Junction and it started to rain which carried on until we reached Nantwich. Just prior to Nantwich there is a boat moored, it was here last time we passed and I don't think I have ever seen a boat with more rubbished piled on the deck.
 We pulled in at Nantwich to fill with water, there was a boat already there but as they were only stopping to use the showers they pulled to the far end of the mooring so that we could reach the tap. Not the fastest tap on the system but better than some. Once full it was off to the aqueduct but it was a bit more congested than last time we stopped here so we had to go a little further south on the embankment before we could find a space.

Today's Journey
12.4 miles, 2 locks, 1 junction and 2 canals in 5.25 hours.


Tom and Jan said...

We are not having that problem with OLW. I suspect the problem might be at your end. Have you tried re-installing OLW?

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Thanks Tom, From Github it is a known problem. I will try a fresh download and see what happens.

Sue said...

I am using Open Live Writer and it works a treat. I also had trouble with Live Writer a few months ago and changed over to the Open version. Have a look, it is an app but it is just fine..

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

It may be sorted now, I didn't realise the photos were being saved to Google BEFORE loading on the blog. When and changed the title and did a test OK.