Friday, 10 March 2017

Middlewich Friday 10 March 2017

As you can see we are back onboard, arrived a little later than planned due to the A1 being closed causing a 2 mile queue on the A14, but apart from that a good run. We arrived at the marina the same time as the rain but it was only light. We left the moorings a little after 4pm heading to Middlewich for the night.

For some years there have been plans to build a new marina in the one of the flashes, but it has involved lots of planning problems and I understand a court case. It looks as if work has started at last.


CRT have erected three lots of notices where the HS2 railway is planned to cross the canal. it crosses three times as the line runs almost north to south where as the canal also wiggles north to south. The third crossing is by bridge 177. If you read the notice the consultation closed yesterday, but these signs were not here on 18 February, just over 3 weeks ago.clip_image004

We had a Kingfisher keeping us company for several miles so I suspect it was more than one.

We passed a very sad sight, this Narrowboat on the bottom, it had been moored in this spot since well before Christmas and didn't look as if it had been visited very often, still a vary sad occurrence.clip_image006

Last trip I mentioned the subsiding towpath and the need to build up the edge with concrete from time to time, well this stretch just north of Middlewich is just about ready for that treatment, as you can see the water is near enough level with the top of the edging.clip_image008

We moored a little before 6pm just above Big Lock and will go to The Big Lock pub for a meal this evening..

Just before I finish just two points from our last trip. Phil Pilbeam a photographer for the Isle of Mann took a very nice photo of Harnser in Manchester and went to the trouble of finding my email address and sending me a copy. Secondly I thought I would just post this picture of a map showing where we went last trip.


Today's Journey clip_image012

4.6 miles, 1 lock, in 1hour 50 minutes

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