Monday, 20 March 2017

Runcorn Arm Monday 20 March 2017

To say it was raining this morning would be an understatement, We were away at 9-30 so we arrived at the tunnel mouth dead on 10. It was good to see that the dry dock is back working but I have no idea who operates it.

At Preston Brook we turned down the Runcorn Arm passing this pile of stones which we think is in the Priory grounds.
Again I had the opportunity to photograph a Kingfisher, he was sitting still but I wasn't.
We winded at the end of the arm and moored up, after lunch we went for a walk down the old Runcorn Locks to the Manchester Ship Canal. We then went down to get a photograph of the Silver Jubilee bridge. Police divers were at work looking for someone who fell from the bridge Saturday morning.

From here you can see the new toll bridge that is still under construction, lets hope it gets more use than the M6 Toll road.
Once back onboard we retraced our steps, but this time in bright sun shine, passed a section of bank covered in primroses.
We moored a short way before the railway crossing still in sunshine, but by 6pm it was raining and as I write this its chucking it down again.

Today's Journey  
 11 miles, 1 Lock, 1 Junction in 4 hours

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