Thursday, 23 March 2017

Home mooring Thursday 23 March 2017

Last night was the last night for our friends onboard so we had diner at The Old Broken Cross, a very popular pub who serve typical pub grub. The mooring was a bit noisy overnight with the nearby road and bridge but we still got a good nights sleep.
This morning we woke and the sun was shining, typical on the last day, we set off at 9-15 and only had a mile to go to our marina which took just on half an hour.

It was nice to be hailed by nb Lazy Bee who follows this blog.

Needless to say as I went into the marina and tried to turn to reverse down the pontoon the wind picked up and I just went sideways, so a change of plan and motor down to the loading bay and unloaded the boat to both cars and waved our friends goodbye.
The reverse back up the marina and then down our pontoon went like a dream even with someone watching.
Today's Journey  
1 mile in 30 minutes.

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