Sunday, 12 March 2017

Ravensmoor Sunday 12 March 2017

Today started really spring like, people walking the canal towpath in skinny tops etc. but it didn't last and by 2 pm it was quite cool and raining by 3 pm. since then the wind has been steadily picking up.
We were off at our normal 10 am but three boats passed around 9 30am the first one particularly slowly. But things improved, it wasn't long before we passed the slow one moored up, then the second turned into Aqueduct Marina, that just left the single hander ahead when we reached Minshull Lock, he had to wait for a boat coming down but was soon on his way with Diana's help. By the time we were ready to go up another single hander arrived behind us, it was his first lock with his new to him boat that he had just picked up from Aqueduct Marina. He seamed to have a good grasp or what was happening and before we left another boat arrived behind him so he had company.
Needless to say at Cholmondeston Lock we caught our single clip_image002hander again who we helped up, a hire boat was coming down and asked if we were there to work the lock for him, I pointed out the error of his ways and drew the paddle anyway. Once he was through the lock he pulled in behind me on the lock moorings, not to pick up his crew but to have dinner. I bet he was popular with the following boats. I was please to see that the new single hander arrived safely and stopped to fill with diesel.
A Barbridge Junction it was hard left up the Shropshire Union Canal. I made a pigs ear of the turn and hit the far bank. A pleasant run passed Hurleston reservoir and the junction to the Llangollen canal until the beginning of the moored boats, then its tick over all the way to Nantwich Aqueduct, these moorings always seem to be full.clip_image004We carried on and not long after leaving Nantwich it started to drizzle and turn a lot cooler,. We have to be back on our Moorings by Wednesday afternoon. so we winded just below Hack Green bottom lock and retraced our steps until we came to a length of piling between the A503 road bridge and the railway where we pulled over for the night.
Today’s Journey
11.8 miles, 2 canals, 1 Junction in 5 hours

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