Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Stanthorne Lock Wednesday 29 March 2017

We had a good run from home to the boat, just over 4 hours arriving at five past one, by twenty to two we were loaded and on our way, out of the marina and hard right. We met a couple of boats between the marina and Middlewich, the first at a bridge and the second at the aqueduct.
The swans are setting up home in the pond beside the tow path just before Middlewich again.
Big Lock in Middlewich was almost empty but while it drained I watched this chap pressure washing a roof, not sure why anyone would worry if their roof is a bit grubby but it keeps people in work. Also while waiting I did a quick check of the weed hatch.

 As we left Big Lock a hire boat approached so not only could we leave the gate open we had high hopes for the 3 Middlewich Locks, The first 2 were sort of with us, the first almost empty and the second half empty but the top one was full. We carried on past the junction to Wardle Lock to fill with diesel at Kings Lock Chandlery  at 71p lt. It was then a case of dropping back and swinging under the bridge into the Wardle Canal.
Last time I came this way I contacted CRT about the overflowing dog poo bins, they said it was the council's responsibility and they would contact them, today there is an extra bag hung on the outside of the bin to take the overflow.
 We pushed on as we needed to get above Stanthorne lock tonight as they are closing it at 8am tomorrow for the day to try to sort out the by-wash. You can see below the water coming over the tail wall of the lock.

Somehow we got our timing right again as we had just moored up at the visitor moorings just through bridge 26 at about 5 30 pm when it started raining.
Today's Journey
 6.7 miles, 5 locks, 1 Junction, 3 Canals in 3.75 hours.

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