Thursday, 23 July 2009

Bablock Hythe to Newbridge


A sunny start to the day and by quarter to ten we were away, we had planned to go to The Swan and Radcot tonight but one of the boaters moored nearby with a Swan jumper on suggested that we would be very lucky to get a mooring there,  so we revised our plan to stop overnight at the Maybush, Newbridge. From Bablock to Newbridge is not very far but as we needed a pumpout we had to go to Rushey lock which is probably another 7 miles and one lock upstream. The price of an EA pumpout has gone up from £6 to £8 but the equipment is well maintained and in first class order resulting in a good job. We stopped for lunch just above Rushey Lock and then winded for a leisurely cruise down stream again. There are yards of moorings just above The Maybush where the charge is £3 a night, but The Maybush has its own free moorings for its customers right outside the pub. Again there has been a lot of activity in the air, both fixed wing and helicopters.
As we pulled into the moorings outside the pub at 5 30 and the barman popped out to take our lines for us, this was useful as the river is quite weedy in the bay by their moorings and a fouled prop could mean drifting back into the bridge.

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