Thursday, 9 July 2009

Stratford to Napton


We set off by ourselves at 10 15 this morning, a boat had just come towards up but still the first lock was against us, form here the locking was pretty much in our favour and when we arrived at Bascote staircase two boats were leaving the bottom lock while another boater was filling the top to come down, we went straight into the bottom chamber and passed the down coming boat on the level, it only gets interesting when there are three boats in the lock and you have to shuffle round each other.

We stopped for a bite of lunch just before The Two Boats, Long Itchington, we were only stopped for about three quarters of an hour but were hard aground when we came to leave. A boat caught us up just prior to the Long Itchington Lock and we shared with him for two locks when we moored out side The Blue Lias for the night. We have seen 3 other Cutweb members today, Goody Two Shoes, Donatella and Virgo.

You will find our latest position at

The 3 mobile signal is a bit shaky even with the dongle up the TV mast

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