Monday, 27 July 2009

Thrupp to Somerton Meadows


Just after we moored up last night it started to rain and it was still raining when we left this morning. We pushed off just after 9 am and I have never seen this end of the Oxford so busy, at Northbrook Lock we were fourth in the queue for the lock and we must have met over 20 boats by then and we continued queuing for the rest of the day. The rain stopped about half ten but then we had odd showers for the rest of the day with very hot sunny spells in between. We pushed on longer than intended as we couldn't find a nice spot to moor, finally mooring by the Meadow at Somerton. Since we have been here several boats have been by including one from Oxfordshire Narrowboats who had a breaking was behind him. The chap behind shouted at him and he throttled back immediately, but still pulled the pins on the boat ahead of us and dragged our piling hook almost into the next indent, it was only recovered by the use of a lump hammer.

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