Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Shillingford Bridge to Osney Bridge


For some unknown reason Magic was a right pain last night, wandering into the lounge and barking, I must have got up to him at least 6 times, I took him out twice. This is very unlike him, maybe he could smell something on the bank in the undergrowth.
We set off at quarter to ten, President had left just after 8 am. and needless to say it was raining. Traffic was much lighter today and we did several locks alone, which meant I could leave the engine running.  At Days lock we shared with a lady who was single handing and had come on from the K&A, She had a very good set of long lines running back along the roof which she informed me came from Lidl. We found President moored up in Abingdon so we pulled along side and I gave them a CD of the photos that I had taken of them yesterday.
As we passed under Isis Bridge about a mile down stream of Iffley Lock we were stoned by 4 little toe rags, but they soon departed as soon as they saw the camera come out. There were several spaces above Iffley Lock but we decided to push on and moor a bit further upstream, needless to say there were also places at Folly Bridge. We passed through Osney Lock and delivered the package from Caversham Lock, the relief keeper on duty didn't know anything about it, so I hope he passes it on to the regular chap. We have moored for the night a few hundred yards above the lock right opposite The Waterman Arms, we chose this spot as my grand daughter is joining us this evening for 2 day and it will be easy for her mum to find us here in the car, just put the post code of the pub into Tomtom.

You will find our latest position at

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MortimerBones said...

I saw you across the lawn in Henley, but had trouble parking the car and had to get back to take Maffi to the hospital to have his leg looked at. I hope you are enjoying your trip!