Sunday, 5 July 2009

Stratford to Napton

Well we enjoyed our stay in Bancroft Basin and visiting the Stratford River Festival, of course its never the same if you are not in the midst of things and mooring in the basin we weren't. There were bands organised for each afternoon and evening but unfortunately they stopped playing at 10 pm, I don't think 11 pm would be out of the way at the weekend. The drinks were a reasonable price but there was no beer tent, with good weather this was not a problem but if it had been a wet weekend it could all have been a different story.  There were some 60 boats moored on the rive with narrow boats under 60 ft moored stern on, herringbone style. The people on these boats seemed to prefer this to breasting 4 deep as they were still able to sit on the bows of their boats and have a bit of a view.

One of the more unusual performances was by the RST orchestra who played for a couple of hours, without music while watching the output of a computer. The computers were connected to detectors  in the river and measuring changes in velocity, the orchestra interpreted this output as they played.

We left the basin at about 1 pm and were soon in a queue at the very first lock, we had a single hander in front who was moored beside us all weekend and a couple we met on the explorer cruise last year were coming up behind. Diana spent half her time helping the single hander to get ahead and Steve from the boat behind was closing up for me as I left the lock. We had a few drops of rain during the afternoon, but nothing much and we moored for the night at Wilmcote right in front of the single hander, Blue Moon who  followed us up the flight pulled in ahead of us.  This virtually filled the visitor moorings with the next boat taking the last place. We tied up at 6 pm and several boats have been by in the last hour or so.

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