Thursday, 2 July 2009

Napton to Stratford

Thursday 2 July

We set off at 10 am this morning, most or the boats were still moored up when we left. We crossed Wootton Wawen aqueduct and chugged off down to the lock where two day boats were waiting to go down, it didn't occur to them to go together so first the larger of the two went down and then the small one, about 28 ft. We helped them on their way and then locked down ourselves, by now they were out of sight.  We continued slowly to the next lock to where we found them again, the larger one moored on the lock moorings having lunch and the smaller one hanging on the undergrowth behind them as they set the lock. The small one entered the lock just as we arrived and once the gates were shut I noised  Harnser against the gate and just managed to get the stern in against the towing path in front of the boat partaking lunch.  We helped the small one down who said they were only going to wind and come straight back up, so I returned to Harnser and backed up from the lock to give them room to get out again. I then went into the lock and started locking down, at this point the other day boat finished lunch and started to untie and made ready to follow us, they to were going to wind and then return to Wootton Wawen. I suppose the lock moorings look like a nice picnic site half way through your day out if you have not been told otherwise. We carried on down the flight, some locks were full, some empty, some of the gates you had to hold open or they closed by themselves others just opened as you walked away.

On this flight there has been a very large flow of water down the bywashes, that is, until today. At lock 48 the flow was down to a trickle and at lock 49 there was none at all. Where is all this water going to between lock 47 where it was gushing out and lock 48, one of the longer pounds on this flight.

We moored up at about half two just below lock 50 and not a single boat has passed by since we have been here and its now almost 5 o'clock.

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