Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Napton to Stratford

Wed 1 July

I contacted the Stratford council about a late entry to the boating/river rally but all moorings are already booked, however they would be happy for us to moor below the next lock downstream, we will try and get into Bancroft Basin for the weekend.

This morning it was gone 10 30 when we left our moorings, everyone else had long gone but we did meet several boats in the right place for once. BW were trying to re-brick the lock by-wash, a somewhat difficult problem with the amount of water coming down due to the high number of boat movements. Talking to the chaps on the job it seems that no one told them about the Stratford Festival even though HO have been informed. At Wootton Wawen we were met by my son and youngest grandson who we took for a ride to the next winding hole and back, when we returned my daughter in law was there with eldest grandson so we had to repeat the trip with both boys onboard before eating in the Navigation. We had Lasagna with new potato's and its probably one of the best pub lasagnas I have had.

We have moored at the end of the Anglo Welch basin on the towing path side for the night and explained to other interested moorers why we had been going back and forth all afternoon.

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