Saturday, 11 July 2009

Stratford to Napton

We  pushed off at 9 45 and headed off up the flight by ourselves but luckily all the locks were with us and we did it with easy in an hour, At the top lock a single boat was just coming out and I pointed out them that there was a boat following, in fact there were three, two were friends of ours and they pulled over to let the single boat go down to catch up with the boat ahead. We pulled over for a chat and a look round Clive and Rita's boat because we had not seen inside it before. We then headed up to the Calcutt 3 where 2 boats had just left the bottom lock, again giving us a good run, a boat was waiting in the top pound  to come down and a boat was coming down the top lock so they were also able to double for the remaining locks. Napton flight was very busy with boats coming down with up to 4 boats waiting above some locks, so again we had an easy trip back to our moorings where I did another oil and filter change. Checking the records the fuel filters are well over due for a change so I will take care of them next week after filling up with diesel as that makes bleeding a lot easier. We packed the boat up and headed down to see my son and family for the weekend. Back on line Monday

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