Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Somerton Meadow to Slat Mill Lock


What a day, I have never had a days boating like it before. We set off at 9 am and tied up at 7 30 pm. ten and a half hours to do 14 miles and 7 locks, that's 2 lock miles per hour and the only time we stopped other than waiting for locks was to fill up with diesel at Banbury, well we would have if I hadn't run his pump dry. The canal was so busy that Sovereign Narrowboats was still open when we got there at 5 30 pm and he normally closes at 4 pm. We queued for an hour and a half at Banbury lock where we were ninth in line when we arrived. The strange thing was that half the moorings in Banbury where empty when we passed through.
Diana spotted a Mink scurrying along the base of one of the disused lift bridges which was the wildlife highlight of the day and I found two mooring stakes and a mooring hook with my magnet.

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