Saturday, 26 September 2015

Atherstone Saturday 26 September 2015

Before we went out last night we had the police helicopter hovering directly above us, he stayed there for several minuets then went in quite a tight circle and did it again.DSCF0635

We had a nice meal in the Greyhound last night but it was very busy, not a quiet meal for two. We wont do that on a Friday night again.

This morning we set off at 9 45 am,first job was to fill with water, then tackle to only lock of the day, it drops you down all of 6 onto the Coventry Canal level. As we go onto the Coventry its a 180° turn back on yourself. The Cheese boat was moored outside the Greyhound, they sell Welch Cheeses around the system.DSCF0637 As we headed north we met a continuous stream of boats, we even met a Hotel pair, Duke and Duchess. I was pleased that we were going in the opposite direction.DSCF0649 

It wasn’t that long after this that we met Nuneaton the Narrowboat Trust boat towing Raymond.DSCF0659The old British Waterways Board yard at Hartshill could do with a good dose of gardening, but thankfully the building looks as if itsDSCF0655 being cared for. The works opposite were pumping out a fair old smell. Not my first choice for mooring or as one elderly couple were doing, sit and having lunch. As we approached Bridge 28 someone tends a memorial but I don’t know the details.DSCF0652 I thought I would mention this boat, it is being lovingly rebuilt using mainly reclaimed materials. The couple that own it bought it high and dry on the banks of the Rive Avon where it was stranded after the floods, took a chance buying it with the risk of re-launching and towing it back to the canal as the engine was non operational.DSCF0661 We planned to moor above the Atherstone flight, imagine our surprise to find the moorings full, the only space was two boat lengths reserved for the Canal and River trust work boats, I can’t see one of them turning up on a Saturday afternoon somehow. If they do I will just move, until then here we are. The sun was still shining so I took the red oxide primer to the rust patches on the roof that I treated yesterday.

Today’s Journey map 27

11 miles, 1 lock, 2 junctions, 2 canals in 4½ hours


Anonymous said...

Sorry but it's not Nuneaton (NBT) that you saw towing Raymond. It's actually Nutfield, which is also owned by The Friends of Raymond.

Kind regards
Marty Seymour

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Thanks for putting me straight on that and apologies for putting in the wrong information.