Sunday, 27 September 2015

Fazeley Sunday 27 September 2015

We set off just after 10 am but had quite a wait at the top of the locks, one boat had gone down and another was waiting. We turned the lock and followed them as di the one behind us. At the second lock we met a boat and it carried on like that all the way to the bottom pair.

Once clear of the locks we considered stopping for Sunday Lunch at the Samuel Barlow but though it may be to late when we arrived so it was dinner on the move.

Going through Polesworth I spotted a weasel running down the towpath, I one point I thought he was going to jump into the canal but then he turned and headed for the hedgerow.DSCF0666

We didn’t meet many boats after leaving the bottom of the Atherstone flight and both the Glascote locks were against us. At Fazeley Junction we turned right and moored on the visitor moorings opposite the pub and CRT offices at quarter past four. Once moored I got the grey paint out and covered the red oxide splodges from last night.

Today’s Journey map 28

10½ mile, 1 Junction 2 canals and 13 locks in 6 hours.

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