Sunday, 20 September 2015

The CIBC 2015 rally at the Blue Lias

We arrived at the Blue Lias at the bottom of the Stockton flight on the Grand Union at about 12-30 on Friday. There were several members boats moored there already and we went down to the Key’s Arm, which use to run to the cement works to wind and then come back to moor beside nb. Uncle Mort for the weekend, by Saturday lunch time we had 13 boats moored outside the pub, some 3 abreast.DSCF0342CIBC Rally 2015

Friday evening 16 of us ate in the pub with some members eating on board their boats. Saturday things started in earnest with the boaters games taking place in the afternoon, these were organised by Steve who was assisted by Karen with the administration. Can you just imagine a load of old boaters with water pistols trying to drive plastic cups along a string. In the end Steve won the water pistols knocking Carl out in the final and Linda won the quoits.

In the evening we were joined by a few members who came by car for the entertainment. This was provided by Linda Simpson-Taylor a real first class singer, she in turn was accompanied by Ian Diment on the piano. Part way through the evening we had a buffet meal as well as drawing the raffle. As usual the prizes were wrapped so people didn’t know what they were getting.

Sunday morning we held the boater auction, this year I stood as auctioneer as our normal auctioneers were otherwise engaged and unable to attend. All lots except one were donated so all the proceeds from them plus the commission for the  rather valuable water can went to charity. This years chosen charity was Macmillan Nurses as yet again the club has seen some of its members affected by this terrible disease. The total raised was in excess of £300

Also in the course of the evening two awards were made, The Syd Arkless  that was won by Alan and Sue for the most momentous journey to the rally coming via York. The other award, The Plank, was awarded to Beryl & Geoff with the sad face showing, as they have been stuck for several weeks the wrong side of two breaches and were unable to attend this year.

Sunday lunch was taken in the function room with again the Blue Lias coming up trumps and feeding us all in a very short time.

The weekend was rounded off with a quiz, the questions being set by the previous years winners. I am still not quite sure how it happened but Diana and I were on the winning team with Graham, Brenda and Liz.

It was good to see several new faces at this years event, I think I counted 6 members that I didn’t know and who had not attended before

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