Thursday, 17 September 2015

Marsworth Thursday 17 September 2015

Last night the rain finally stopped about 10-30 ish, just before bed, this morning was a new day, the sun was shining and it was reasonably warm. As we had a shorter day we didn’t leave until 9am. I was quite impressed with the hanging flower basket brackets on the Grove pub. I expect they were commissioned for the job but I could see them selling well.DSCF0429

Above the lock you can see how much of the field has eroded over the years, all that soil is in the canal somewhere. These are sections of the old concrete piling.DSCF0432

We met boats at both Church and Slapton lock where we stopped for water, just as we were leaving we could see a boat approaching Slapton lock from below. As we didn’t know if there was one or two or if they would also stop for water we pushed on and worked up Horton lock alone. As we were about to leave we could see the single boat behind so we turned the lock and waited for them to arrive before heading of to Ivinghoe where we went into the lock and waited for them, from here was shared all the way to Marsworth. The boat was Morpheus and the lady had her brothers little dog on board with them.DSCF0445  Above Ivinghoe I spotted this Airstream American caravan parked in a field, you don’t see that many of them about, I wonder how much it cost to ship over.DSCF0442

Also nearby they grow turf and the are looks like a huge lawn with nice mown stripes until they cut it up to sell.DSCF0438Another strange  thing, on the long term offside moorings there are two boats moored on in front of the other, all OK so far, the strange thing is they are both called “Daisy”.DSCF0439

leaving Marsworth top lock we passed this boat that is covered in trees and other plants so I can only assume it doesn’t move very far.DSCF0446

A few minutes after 2 pm we moored up in Marsworth just before bridge 103. Since we arrived several other boats have turned , one of the Reflections came by and the owner walked back to introduce himself as he reads this blog.

Today’s Journey map 19

6½ miles, 11 Locks in 5 hours

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