Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hillmorton Thursday 24 September 2015

We had rain overnight and for some reason didn’t wake very early so it was quarter to ten before we set off. I just had to photograph this old man by bridge 21 again, the light was better this time.DSCF0602

We caught up with a slow boat around bridge 19, things improved once he got the leaves off his prop and we followed him to the bottom of the Buckby Flight, unfortunately for us there was a boat already setting the lock to go up so he went with them. As a boat had just left lock 11 coming down we waited for them before going up ourselves. While waiting I took this shot of one of the many trains passing the marina. It wasn’t difficult as there was one about every 2 minutesDSCF0606

It was some little time before the down hill boat arrived and even longer before he managed to extract himself from the lock. By now a Wyvern hire boat had caught up, the crew normally crew the wide beam charity boats on the River Stort so was a joy to share with. We had a good run up the flight meeting boats in the right place in most pounds.

We only met one boat in Braunston Tunnel and that was in a straight section, arriving at Braunston top lock 2 boats had just gone down and we waited for one to come up. They were accompanied by a Volocky which surprised us, after he assisted me to lock down, Diana going a head to set the next lock he told me he had come up to let water down, so no more help for us. We didn’t meet any boats until we reached the bottom lock. As soon as we left the lock it started to rain, it didn’t last long but was quite heavy.

Approaching the Marina Main entrance followed by the narrows by the Stop House there was a boat coming towards us. He was hanging well to his left but many do as they come out passed the floating Cafe into the wide, but this chap kept coming, he then turned hard right so I think he is taking a wide turn into the marina so I go well to the right to go round behind him. Just as his bow gets to the marina entrance he goes hard astern. He is turning round directly in front of me. no signals or indication nothing. I stop, black smoke (It does that when I wind on fast) he sees this goes a bit further forward and waves me past.

We carry on to Braunston Turn where its a bit busy, one boat coming from the N. Oxford, the chap following me and one comes from the S Oxford, straight out, we had passed by now, starting to pass the boat from the N. Oxford who had slowed down to meet the chap that was following me. I don’t know what happened as we carried on along the N. Oxford Canal.

The weather improved and the sky cleared out, it was then that I spotted this vapour trail, note the dark section at the beginning of the trail to the left of the photo.DSCF0608

A few minutes later I heard another plane, this one a lot lower, maybe 500 feet, less than a thousand crossing in front of us.DSCF0609

As it was a nice evening and the slow cooker was still on we decided to drop down the Hillmorton Locks before mooring. On the approach to the locks I noticed this sign, its a new one on me.DSCF0612

At the top of the locks nb. Briar Rose was moored up, its the first time our paths have crossed an Adam came out to the lock for a chat.They also Blog their travels every day. The first lock was with us but the rest had leaked off. Once at the bottom we carried on past the visitor moorings and water point to the straight piling below.  After diner we had quite a good sunset over the canal, lets hope its a good sign for tomorrow.DSCF0613

Today’s Journey map 25

16½ miles, 16 locks, 2 junctions, 2 canals and 1 tunnel in 8¾ hours

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