Sunday, 20 September 2015

Buckland Lock Sunday 20 September 2015

Our plan was to leave first thing on Monday morning. Our mooring was down between two rows of boats with two boats moored between us an the exit.DSCF0481Harnser in her slot

This afternoon I tracked down the owner of the boat right a head of us and asked when he planed to leave, his was reply was in about a quarter of a pint of beer, i.e.. soon as he had finished his pint, so rather than disturbing people twice we decided to leave at the same time. We returned to the boat, filled with water, removed the bunting etc. and disconnected the shore supply. It was probably an hour before we were all ready to move. The boat at the very end was not leaving so he just drew out to let us both passed and one of the club members opened the bridge for us.DSCF0501 Once on the canal it was hard left and up towards the junction.

Obviously as we were following another boat all locks were against us. We carried on to Buckland Lock where just as I drew the bottom paddle I spotted a boat coming towards us beyond the bridge, so being a good chap, I closed the paddle and drew the top one to refill the lock, open the top gate and then wait for him. By the time he had dropped through the lock and we had come up it was getting on for 6-30 pm and there was I nice section of bank just above the lock so we decided to moor for the night.

Today’s Journey map 21

2¾ miles 3 Locks in just under 2 hours

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