Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Snarestone Tuesday 1 September 2015

The rain woke me during the night but by the time to get up the sun was shining. I don’t know how much rain we had as the spiders think my rain gauge is an Arachnids maternity home and fill it with nests while we are away.

One mistake I made last night was to moor next to a wasps nest so this morning the doors were quickly closed and 3 bodies ejected through the pigeon box before we made our escape just before ten.

I am not sure now where the Market Bosworth Battle Field is, this is all that remains of the signs.DSCF0070

WRG have been hard at work repairing yet another bridge, I amDSCF0074 not 100% happy that they should be doing this sort of work and feel it should be the responsibility of CRT or the land owner. DSCF0076What I can say is the other side of the bridge requires the same treatment.

At Market Bosworth it looks as if CRT are installing two new water DSCF0079 points on the 48hr moorings to the south of bridge 42 to replace the one lost with the building of the new Bosworth Marina which is now up and running. DSCF0080 The sign on the towpath still says “Long term Moorings” but there are no boats moored there now, lets hope they become visitor moorings to replace the ones lost to the water points.

DSCF0083We were planning to overnight at Shackerstone but all the  visitor moorings have been suspended for the forthcoming Shackerstone Festival.It doesn’t give a date for the suspension but the signs are in place from before Congerstone Bridge to Town Bridge with the section by the aqueduct reserved for historic craft from today. So fat there is one ex working boat there and lots of reserved moorings south of the festival site empty. However there is a good line of moored boats outside the site its self. so we just carried on to Snarestone for the night arriving about 3-30 pm.

Today’s weather has been, shall we say mixed, with one heavy shower, some warm sun and a few outbreaks of drizzle.

Today’s Journey map 05 14½ miles in 5½ hours.
Tomorrow we reach the end of the road and turn round.

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