Monday, 28 September 2015

Fradley Monday 28 September 2015

Good new for those that like to moor in Fazeley, the lorry works between the pub and CRT offices now turn their air compressor off at the weekend, I don’t know if they turn it off every night but it didn’t come on until after 7 this morning, it then runs about every 15 minutes for a short time. Companies don’t seem to notice how expensive compressed air can be.

We left at our normal 10 am. in bright sunshine meeting lots of boats on the way. A short stop at the CRT offices to dump our rubbish as they have recycling skips there. I couldn’t moor as a boat was filling with water so I just dropped Diana off the stern and while waiting thought how nice this old crane looked.DSCF0668

We had an uneventful journey other than me putting the boat in the offside bushes while taking this photograph of a wasp sitting on the slide.DSCF0671 We stopped at Fradley village for the night, its a nice bit of mooring but there are a couple of large chunks of concrete on the canal bed which we hit if not careful. With a wheelbarrow wheel as a fender at the back and pulled as far forward to the next boat as possible the lump just sits under the rear swim so we are reasonable close in. While we have been here I have painted some white on the rust repairs on the white line on the cabin side and topped up the batteries. I do these every time I do an engine oil change, but last time I was a bit short of time and it got missed.

Today’s Journey map 29

9¾ miles in 4 hours.

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