Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Banbury Wednesday 9 September 2015

We set off a bit earlier today 0920 as I wanted to moor in Banbury this afternoon. We picked bit of a bad time to leave as a hire boat was coming up in the lock behind us so we followed him to the next lock, of course on the way we met another boat, 5 minutes earlier we would have been a boat ahead and had the lock ready for us.

Every summer that we have passed through Somerton we have seen this lovely little tent erected in the garden, it looks in lovely condition so I always wonder how old it is.DSCF0284At Somerton Deep lock there was only the one boat ahead going up but three waiting to come down, so we were going the right way.

I shot a small piece of video at Aynho Lock showing the water gushing in with the top gate closed, I suspect it is coming up through the bed of the lock with the water pressure from the river.

Above Nell Bridge Lock there is a CRT work barge, you may say what is unusual about that, well just look at the mooring ropes.DSCF0290 I wonder how long it will be before someone pinches them?

I have never noticed this lock name at King’s Sutton Lock before so I don’t know when it was added or by who.DSCF0294

In the garden of the lock cottage on the off side is a large bush and it is covered in fruit, anyone any idea what it is please?DSCF0296

We carried on to Banbury stopping just through bridge Samuelson Bridge where we stopped for a visit to Morrison which is very close by, we then continued into the town mooring outside the workingman’s Club. When we came down down there were no moorings but today we arrived and there are loads.

Today’s Journey map 13

11½ Miles 7 Locks in 6 hours


Anonymous said...

I think they look like Medlars, a very old fruit and unusual these days. They need bletting (kept till they are almost rotten) before they can be used. I think they are meant to smell lovely when they are ready. There are pictures and info on wiki.

Chris F

Anonymous said...

I believe Tarver's Lock was the name used at some point in the past. Possibly named after a resident lock keeper? The house is currently on the market and advertised as Tarver's Lock Cottage so I suspect the present owners may have resurected the old name.

Ian @ Sovereign Wharf