Friday, 11 June 2021

Bridge 3 Ashby canal

 The plan this morning was to slide back onto the water point and fill with water while having breakfast, 2 boats already getting water scuppered that idea, so we had breakfast and slid back as soon as the first on moved off. 

Today has been much cooler and the sun has only just come through at 4-30pm. It has looked like it was about to rain all day, we have done about a mile more than planned as the moorings looked better. There was very little boat movement this morning but it picked up a bit as we got closer to the Coventry canal, one of the hire boats we met was from Weedon on the GU, I think it was Hawk Weed and looked very smart for what is probably a 30 year old hire boat, They have put a lot of the old Weed Boat fleet back together into hire fleet.

I have always been bit of a soft spot for the old French H van so when I saw this clock I just had to get a photo. The other day I mentioned that the mile posts on the Ashby are being refurbished, well there is only one  still waiting for the white paint on the numbers and that is 2/28, we met the chap who has been painting them as he returned from 1/29 with all his gear on a sack barrow.

Todays Journey 11 miles, 0 locks in4¼ hours

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