Saturday, 5 June 2021

Short Bonus Blog

 We are still at home, I have just mown the lawn and the sun is shining, that's set the scene now the purpose of this edition.

Last trip the main focus of the trip was to give support the The Bradley Locks restoration and then to fill Walsall Basin with boats, we did both with 28 boats more than filling the basin. One of the people taking part was Andy Tidy with his pair of boat selling his preserves Andy is well know for his BCN videos and he has produced 3 specifically covering the weekend which gives bit of an insight into this part of the BCN and are well worth watching. I'm in No 3. 

No1 to Moorcroft Junction

No. 2 Walsall basin

No 3 Off to Wolverhampton


If you enjoyed them and want to see more of Andy's videos about the BCN you will find his Youtube channel at

By for now, but not for long.

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Andy Tidy said...

Thanks for the plug Brian. See you soon I hope.