Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Home mooring.

 We departed about quarter to ten this morning, one boat had come up the locks and as we were making ready a second came up, this gave us quite a good run with the locks, one against and a couple down a bit on the whole fine. a steady run from the bottom of the locks to Fazeley Junction, as I exited the bridge just prior to the junction a chap indicated for me to stop as there was a boat about to come under the bridge from Coventry, he enquired which way we were going and then waved the other boat out, all by hand signal at about 50 yards or more. We swung onto the Coventry canal and headed to Glascote Locks, A hire boat had just closed up after coming down as we came into sight, so I just dropped Diana in the mouth of the lock and she was able to easily open the gates. As we were going up a boat entered the top lock so that was also ready for us with the gates open. Frome here it was a straight run back to the marina. I completely cocked up reversing down to our spot, not a breath of wind , mirror calm, sun shine and me just too relaxed, any change in conditions and my level of concentration would have been much higher. It wasn't until the stern was in the slot, sliding back along the pontoon when we had the only puff of wind to throw the bows round.

Now we are back I have to set to and remove the water pump from the engine, it has the tiniest of leaks but a good wobble on the pulley I am surprised its not leaking more, but obviously now I know it has to be done, probably been like it years.

Todays Journey 8.25 miles,7 locks in 3.5 hours 

The Trip 187 miles, 184 locks traveling for 184 hours

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