Monday, 23 August 2021


Last nights mooring was just great, a spot I will aim for again. we were away about 10am but the canal was no where near so busy, we only met 25 boats in the 10 miles to Newbold we did howeverhave a stowaway. It must have hopped on over night.

One of the long term moorings just north of Grimes Bridge 26 has this display to brighten your day as you pass.

We had the pleasure of seeing a Water Vole crossing the canal, it swam out from the offside to about mid way down the boat and then along side the hull and round the stern to the towpath side, it was a bit turbulent for him near the stern as I didn't see him in time to knock the power off. We have moored for the night in Ansty on rings, these are all on the bend but I have avoided the sharpest bit to save the paint.

Today's Journey 10 miles, no locks in 3½ hours.

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