Thursday, 12 August 2021

Coventry Basin

 We left our mooring at 10am with the plan to arrive in Coventry around 1pm, moorings have to be vacated by mid day and we met 4 boats on our run down the arm. We had a short stop at Hawkesbury to deposit refuse and wait for the boat leaving the Oxford who didn't even look across to see if anyone was approaching, just left the lock and steamed straight out of the junction turning towards Atherstone. Good for him I looked and guessed what he would do.
Clean run down the last 5 miles of the  Coventry Canal with no visits to the weed hatch, needless to say we met a couple of boats in awkward spots but it all went well. There are a lot more boats mooring along the towpath on this section of canal now than there use to be, the area is changing rapidly with all the dereliction being cleared and new houses going up. There is some very well done graffiti along the canal, this is professionally done with CRT's blessing,  but I can't help thinking they are making a rod for their own backs encouraging it.

We stopped just outside the basin to fill with water, I do wonder if it would actually be quieter mooring out there with a solid wall between the canal and the noisy bypass. We came into the basin and winded before dropping back onto our mooring at block C. Its a good job CRT have a booking system as the basin is almost half full.
Today's Journey 8 miles in 3¼ hours with no locks.

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