Tuesday, 8 April 2014

7 to 9 April 2014

Boy did it rain overnight but thankfully it had stopped by this morning. We set off 8-30 am in the company of nb. Levick and up through the first lock where we bid them good by and good luck on their trip gown to the Gt Ouse. We reversed back into the entrance to the dry dock and I walked down to the office to say we were here. DSCF4925

A little after 9 30  and the top door to the dock swung up. This was followed by manually winding up the lower gate and sliding it to one side. We were now able to back in.DSCF4928DSCF4931

We were now able to back in.DSCF4932

Following cleaning the cill the door was slid back and lowered. then after floating spacers between the boat and the dock to position the boat when it bottomed out, once that was in place after a quick check that no one was about to enter the adjacent lock the bottom paddle on the dry dock was drawn dumping the water from the dock back into the canal just below the lock.DSCF4933

Once the lock was empty the pressure washer was out to remove the old lose black and fouling. DSCF4942 The boat was then left to dry ready for some fresh black to be applied tomorrow.

Yesterday I posted that we barged in to someone's ashes being interned in the marina. It was Gordon Simms who was not only a local boater but also a “Bevin Boy”DSCF4920

Looking round Harnser’s hull this morning it all looks quite good and underneath is still black, Fox’s blacked the underside when they did the boat a couple of years back. DSCF4938DSCF4939DSCF4943

    The side anodes are depleting slowly and the bow and stern ones slightly faster but I think they should be OK until the next blacking. Like wise there is a fair amount of wear in the rudder cup which can be felt in the steering at times, so that can be added to the list for next time as well.

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